I am feeling rather dull (and tired), and that’s why I haven’t been posting as much. I need to get motivated again, somehow, and then I’ll be back to my regular posting self. I have been reading quite a bit, and I have come across quite a few things that I found very interesting. But I am realizing that a lot of what I find interesting many blog readers do not. And so my motivation to take the time to post a reflection on such stuff has been on the wane. I think most of it is because I am just tired. Don’t worry, all three of you 😉 , I’ll have a new post up, really soon (maybe tonight even … besides this intermission post). I have been reading some Barth, and his thinking on the development of Protestant theology in the 19th century. I found something interesting from his thinking about the mood of 18th century man as master of the universe (my terminology). I think it would be enlightening to write a little about, it has legs that get us into theological methodology etc.; alas, that’s why Barth is sketching/developing what he currently is, where he is in this particular volume of his.

The summary of what Barth is communicating is that 18th century man came into his own (so to speak), and as a result, this man began imposing himself upon and all over nature and reality in ways that provided an imprint of man’s own perceived arrogant image, but then this imposition has provided nothing of value towards actually getting at the reality that is there; the reality of God in Christ. Or, the ‘modern’ enlightened man has missed God because of the ways that he has devised to deal with reality in general (in mathematical, scientific [meaning rationalism-positivism]). The modern man cannot meaningfully encounter the God revealed in Jesus Christ, because he has got himself in the way through his methods. Barth goes on to talk about how this attitude began to be expressed in architecture, fashion, etc.

Maybe I’ll provide the quote from Barth, and maybe not. I blog to learn, so maybe I will; we’ll see.