My friend Travis (WTM) is hosting his fourth annual Karl Barth Blog Conference, with the first installment set to start tomorrow. Be sure to make your way over there, soak in some of the insights, and be ready to offer a thoughtful response by way of comment or question. The exciting thing about this conference is that Wipf & Stock Publishers is going to turn the offerings into a book, as Travis says:

Thanks to the forward thinking of Wipf & Stock Publishers, a revised and expanded form of the 2010 KBBC proceedings will be published as a book! The interest generated in comments by the various KBBC contributions will play a part in determining which portions of the conference make it into the book, so be sure to get in there and participate in the conversation if you see something that interests you. In any case, I’d like to give a special thanks to our friends over at W&S for being willing to take a shot on this sort of a project.

I think that’s great! Make sure I see you over there, it looks to be a good one — and an extended one!

P.S. Here’s the link to Travis’ blog: Der Evangelische Theologe