Phil Johnson over at his blog just posted something on BiLogos, a conglomeration of Christian academics who apparently are trying to popularize Christian Rationalism. They seem to be into what is called by some complementarianism (see J.P. Moreland’s definition of this term in his book: “Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview”), which is the belief that theology is just one of many “truth-bearing” disciplines (vs. theology being the “crowning” discipline) that should be considered when putting together one’s grand-scheme belief system or worldview. In other words, if the physical sciences present something that appears to contradict something scripture says; then the scriptures, instead of being an out-moded relic of the past, need to be adjusted in such a way to fit into the physical sciences’ accounting of the universe.

I find this trend troubling, but it makes sense given the foundations of Fundamentalist/Evangelical Christianity (i.e. rationalism, philosophically that is). While I might not totally approach this the same way as Phil Johnson; I still think his post offers some good observations and all the relevant links to look into this yourself. So look into it Here.