Have you noticed that some ministries out there have come to idolize sound doctrine? Don’t get me wrong, sound doctrine is imperative for the Christian church (as Paul makes clear in both Titus and 1 and 2 Timothy); and without a doubt there is in fact a lack of sound doctrine being proclaimed from Christian pulpits all throughout America and the West (in fact there is a lack of any ‘Christian doctrine’ being proclaimed from American pulpits). Nevertheless, there are certain ministries, namely that of John MacArthur (don’t get me wrong, I think he says some good things too), which, in my estimation have placed such a premium on ‘sound doctrine’ that it has become idolatrous. What I mean is that Whom sound doctrine is supposed to be pointing to, and grounding us in; is being marginalized by the ‘doctrine’. There is no intimacy with Jesus being fostered by such approaches, and many things are done in the name of ‘sound doctrine’ (like splitting churches) that really aren’t reflective of whom ‘sound doctrine’ is supposedly pointing us to.

If sound doctrine comes before Jesus, in a way that actually points away from establishing and cultivating relationship with Him; then it’s really not ‘sound’ after all, and is really only an idol (like a ‘golden calf’). I think we need ‘sound doctrine’, but Biblically sound doctrine woos us further and deeper into relationship with the Saviour.