It is so easy, in the blogosphere to get sucked into ‘vain arguements’; arguing and arguing over things like Calvinism, Arminianism, Millennialisms, etc. etc. In fact I just indulged myself in this over at the Pyromaniacs, on my favorite topic — Calvinism (by now the pyros and crew know me, so I don’t get much response, which is probably a good thing). I am not saying that I think that these doctrinal loci aren’t important, because they are; instead it’s engaging things like this, in the blogosphere that generally make it ‘vain’. I say this because the general tenor provided by the blog format is set up for short anecdotal under-developed sound-byted comments and responses; this only sets the stage for reactionary responses which are typically shaped by who can ‘come-back’ with the most pithy lines, and who can ‘out-quote’ this passage of scripture or that theologian over the other. Most interactions like this are filled with sloppy thinking and an edge of arrogance that can only be explained by the ‘virtual-anonymnity’ that all bloggers have (I don’t think most people would talk like they do in the sphere if it was ‘face-to-face’). The fall-out from this, as I see it, is that much of these important doctrinal points are cheapened; they become a game with no correspondence to the serious reality that these ‘points’ are intended to capture. This cannot reflect ‘real Christianity’.

Real Christianity does not engage in such juvenile pursuits. It realizes how urgent things are, how serious life is; how many people in the church are ‘going through it’. Real Christianity doesn’t play games with the sacred truths of God’s Word, it’s not a chess game; certainly theological engagement is important, but it needs to be serious, it needs to be developed and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

This whole post is directed at me.

P.S. I’m not saying that I don’t think the theo-sphere isn’t fruitful in some regards; it’s just that we should be selective in what/who we engage, and that the ‘way’ we do it should be led by prayer through the Holy Spirit. I guess I just walk away from some comment-metas, and wonder why I stepped into that arena; and with a sense of emptiness not edification or fruitfulness — it just seems like certain engagements don’t really correlate to what ‘real Christianity’ entails (and what I’ve been experiencing in that regard, especially in the season of life we’re in right now).