Karl Barth believed that the God that we see in history as disclosed in Jesus of Nazareth, is the same God who has always inhabited eternity. In other words, there is direct corollary between the imminent Trinity and the economic Trinity(i.e. the God of eternity and the God in time). notice Barth:

we have consistently followed the rule, which we regard as basic, that statements about the divine modes of being antecedently in themselves cannot be different in content from those that are to be made about their reality in Revelation . . .the reality of God in his revelation can not be bracketed by and only, as those somewhere behind his revelation there stood another reality of God; the reality of God which encounters us in his revelation is his reality in all the depths of eternity. (CD I/1, p. 479)

If anything this should be of great comfort to us, that when we see Jesus we see God. And the Jesus of Nazareth is the same yesterday, today, and forever!