It is easy to lose site of what life is about, the mundane and regular ordinarity of life can often seem to cascade into one ongoing whole . . . you know the saying “same stuff, different day” (the sanctified version 😉 ). You know what I say to this, bologne! Scripture, the Incarnation of God in Christ says completely the opposite. While this life is often times ‘cyclical’, don’t be fooled; it is charged with the grandeur of God’s life in Christ. Our union with Christ by the Spirit guarantees a hope that breaks into our every waking and sleeping moment (the Kingdom of God see II Cor. 5:5). This life has been taken up by God, we have been elevated to new horizons so that the ‘Habakkuk’ prophecy (2:14)  is being unfolded as I write, as you live in Christ, as we our being brought into the unity of the Faith (Eph. 2). Don’t lose site, we are part of something big, in fact someone big and loving . . . this should change your perspective, this should give you an ‘eternal mind’.