Here’s the propaganda that is being foisted on our kids in public schools; not that all propaganda is bad, just bad propaganda is bad, like this propaganda represents. This kind of propaganda is what you get when you follow a natural theology, you know, the kind Paul talks about and against in Romans 1. If I believed that all there was was creation, and no creator; I suppose I would be motivated to make videos like this too. If I was a metaphysical materialist, like this lady, I suppose that I would promote a socialist agenda; believing that if humanity just collectively comes together we could conquer all, we could “liberate” ourselves, “save” ourselves by coming together and proclaiming ourselves to be god. The only problem is, is that the “anti-Christ” is in the way, Capitalism.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Capitalism isn’t flawed in many ways (simply because it is ‘Fallen’ without Christ); it’s just that the alternative is just as evil and pernicious as it is said to be. Having said that, I would rather live in a Democracy- Capitalist state, rather than a collectivist socialist one.