It is easy to read the Bible for all the wrong reasons; such as: proving ‘my’ point, proof-texting my theological system, to just do it because “I’m supposed to,” so that I can beat up other people with “my” Bible knowledge, etc. What is always important to bear in mind is that scripture is God’s love letter to us; I heard this little anecdote for the first time when I was probably about 6 or 7 years old in children’s church. And what I have come to realize, what has been reinforced time and again, as I read through the Bible, is that it is just that!

When you read the scriptures I hope that you read them primarily to cultivate intimacy with our Lord; I hope that you see His face over and over again as you engage holy writ, that you see the glory of God disclosed in the face of Jesus Christ, simply as you read and meditate on the simple and profound truths of God’s writings. I need to be refreshed, constantly, studying academic theology should also promote worship; but often times it does not soothe as simply reading and meditating on scripture does. The Lord knows our frames, he communicated in language and grammar and types in scripture that are best fitted to all of our needs and desires.

You know what I really like to think about when I read scripture, Jesus read it for us first . . . there is a vicarious reading of scripture (ah, fodder for another post).

Now, go read and be refreshed; enjoy the presence of Christ as you let His words wash over you, and allow those words by the Spirit to bring you into His holy of holies as they penetrate to the depths of your soul into His!