Are you part of a cohort? What is a cohort you ask? Here is what the Emergent Village has to say about that:

Cohorts are the localized and incarnational way that Emergent Village works. Around the U.S., friends of Emergent Village meet of their own accord, at their own time and place, and discuss what they choose. What binds the cohorts together is a common desire to be in robust and respectful conversation about things that matter.

Cohort is an interesting label. I don’t want to mock these people, in the video, obviously they are authentic and real people. But, I do want to say that I have great disdain for the so called Emergent Church movement. There is a desire, on their part, to “change” with the times (their perception anyway), which means imbibing Postmodern (so called) epistemology. One of the fall-outs is captured best by one of the guys in the video who says its a place to work out creative theological imagination. Not that being theologically creative is bad, it’s just that when it is cut off from any kind of “objective” criteria (except my whims) that this becomes a problem — and this is why the “Emergent Church” is a problem. They have other problems, like their Doctrine of God, etc., but in the main what I really find problematic is their “extension” of “modern” epistemology (or so called PoMo epistemology); this leads to an array of other serious problems. Which if you want to talk about, make a comment . . . let’s start a conversation 😉 . . .

P.S. Interestingly all the Emergent Church really is the flip side of Evangelical Fundamenatlism, or one of its logical conclusions.