Just a heads-up, I plan on dealing with particular texts of scripture that are key to our approach to articulating an Evangelically charged Calvinism. I am afraid that some of what I have been presenting, thus far, has been too much on the systematic theology side (which isn’t inherently bad ;-); but given my affirmation of sola scriptura, I want to be faithful to that, and try to connect some of the things we have been talking about, with scripture.

So start to look for those kinds of post in the immediate future. I think the first section I am going to look at — since this just came up in the last comment meta — is II Corinthians 2:14ff. This pericope — or unit of scripture — presents us with some principles on the kinds of questions we should be concerned with in regards to the various responses we find to the Gospel (yes and no). I look forward to talking futher about this passage; probably my next post (I wish my posts could be the result of research papers on each subject, but sometimes [given life] all I can do is throw out a reflection — usually if I do throw out said reflections, they come from past research that I have done on that particulary subject. My goal is to provide fresh thinking and research, but sometimes it is not always possible :-).