grunewald_crucifixionSomething just hit me. I’ve been reading Barth, but more T. F. Torrance for the last couple of years, and I just realized tonight that there seems to be two major camps of appropriation per Barth’s thought. One side of this is the Reformed side, which is best represented by T. F. Torrance — and then of course folks like JohnΒ Webster,Β  Bruce McCormack, andΒ  George Hunsinger. This breaks down even further to a couple of bloggers I “e-know” from Princeton Seminary; namely: Travis and David.

On the other side we have the Free-Church/Ana-baptist appropriation, which is best represented by John Howard Yoder (whom I’ve never read, yet) — folks like Stanley Hauerwas and Nate Kerr would fit into this camp as well. Then of course there are bloggers who I know (or know of) who also fit into this camp; Halden Doerge and R. O. Flyer.

Anyway, I just thought it interesting that Karl Barth has spawned two major camps; one from the Magesterial Reformation, and the other from the Radical Reformation. I prefer the “Reformed” appropriation, how about you?