My junior year in high school my dad accepted a pastorate in the ‘Hood’ of N. Long Beach, CA. Until then we had always lived in rural and/or suburban areas, so this was a “culture shock,” to say the least! I got to experience, along with my brother and sister, what being a “minority” was like . . . my youth group was Black (unfortunately one was a “Blood”), Latino, and a few white, with a Japanese youth pastor. This was an awesome time in life, it blew out my perspective and world-view; and made me realize that people are just people, and the church is indeed made up of “red, and yellow, black, and white!” All this background to say, I wish there were more churches in the ‘Hood’ like this one:

This church is: Epiphany Fellowship in ‘Philly’. Any “rap” that fits Christocentrism into it, is smooooooth, and worth listening to 😉 . . . “what up yo?”

P. S. Besides the church, basketball, more specifically, “Street Ball” was my life [at this time in my life] (this is where my “minority” status was a real reality 😉 ); any time you want to “Ball,” let me know. I’ll take you to the hole, and drop a dime in your eye; but don’t worry it will all be “in love” (hey, we’re supposed to speak the truth in love as Christians) 😉 .