T. F. Torrance says:

christ crossPerhaps the most fundamental truth which we have to learn in the Christian Church, or rather relearn since we have suppressed it, is that the incarnation was the coming of God to save us in the heart of our fallen and depraved humanity, where humanity is at its wickedest in its enmity and violence against the reconciling love of God. That is to say, the incarnation is to be understood as the coming of God to take upon himself our fallen human nature, our actual human existence laden with sin and guilt, our humanity diseased in mind and soul in its estrangement or alienation from the Creator. This is a doctrine found everywhere in the early Church in the first five centuries, expressed again and again in the terms that the whole man had to be assumed by Christ if the whole man was to be saved, that the unassumed is unhealed, or that what God has not taken up in Christ is not saved. The sharp point of those formulations of this truth lay in the fact that it is the alienated mind of man that God had laid hold of in Jesus Christ in order to redeem it and effect reconciliation deep within the rational centre of human being.Β  (T. F. Torrance, β€œThe Mediation of Christ,” 48-9)

I agree, I believe with Torrance that Christ really “assumed” sinful man; or that He assumed a “sinful” body and human “soul.” I will tell you why, if you want . . . or you could allow me to keep a secret — it’s up to you πŸ˜‰ . Of course my response is going to be in total agreement and informed by the kind of thinking you just read from TFT.