Before I speak any further on spiritual warfare I want to caveat it a bit. Too often this topic runs the gamut of extremes; i.e. either it is reduced to a function of psychology, a principle of evil at work in the world, or it is sensationalized to the point that we should be involved in hand-to-hand combat with evil spirits and can be blamed for every sin and temptation under the sun (e.g. a “spirit of greed”, “spirit of lust”, “spirit of cancer”, ad infinitum). We need to keep perspective on such things, the primary thing is that we already stand in the victory that Christ has wrought (Eph. 6:10). We are not to be consumed with “evil spirits” (the demonic), nor in fact deal directly with it whatsoever; remember we have a “Mediator” who does that (Heb. 7:25; I Tim. 2:5,6; Jude 9; etc.). John makes clear that Jesus has destroyed the work of the devil as well as the flesh (I Jn. 3:5, 8), and Paul clarifies that Jesus has disarmed the principalities and powers by His cross (Col. 2:15). So before we go on and talk in specifics about the “spiritual realm,” and warfare involved, I just wanted to make sure that we are all on the same page in regards to thinking through this real life issue. The enemy is a defeated foe, and we are to keep our focus on Jesus Christ — in fact this is the “means” for engaging in spiritual warfare — we “stand” in Christ (as Moses makes clear “the battle belongs to the LORD”).

My goal, in fact, with this series of posts will be to challenge us to maintain proper perspective when dealing with this part of the Christian life. I find the enemy and his tactics unimpressive, and when we as Christians become preoccupied with this issue of “spiritual warfare” in unhealthy ways; this really writhes against me! When we sensationalize, alongside the “world” (you know all the “Haunted” “Paranormal” type shows on cable T. V.), this realm, I become quickly infuriated; when Christians become as “surprised” and intrigued by “manifestations” of the supernatural realm (speaking of the kingdom of darkness) it is maddening to me! We know this all is happening, behind the scenes (per Eph. 6:12), and if anything (if we are ever exposed to such things) we should be the first to use this as an occasion to point to Christ! This is the intention of my drawing attention to this reality, to hopefully speak of its reality, and in so doing bring perspective by pointing to Christ!!!

More to come . . .