Sometimes I really get bored with blogging, I mean I just come to those points where I don’t feel like posting — so I write a post about it 😉 — do you feel me? I’ve been blogging for years (literally, since 2005), and the crazy thing is, is that I still have a million thoughts and a billion things to say; yet I still have these blogging lulls, I’m not sure what my next post will be on . . . but you can be sure there will be one 🙂 !

I actually do have a quote from Heiko Oberman on Luther’s view of God’s righteousness and Christ’s righteousness; but I don’t know, most don’t seem to find these things that stimulating — at least not as much as I do! But hey, this is my “personal weblog” so you’ll just have to continue to bear with the more obtuse posts; and maybe, just maybe if you wait long enough you’ll hear something remotely interesting. Okay that about does it, I think I’ve met my “words blogged quota” for the day . . . 😉