Today is John Calvin’s birthday, happy birthday John!!! Given my last post, and others that I have posted against “Calvinism,” one might Young Calvin 1 1wonder why I appreciate John Calvin so much. Well first of all, I am under the impression, and I think rightfully, that Calvin was not a Calvinist (the Kendall/Helm debate notwithstanding). Calvin was not a Calvinist anymore than Luther a Lutheran; it would just be plain ole’ anachronism to say so. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that there are certain streams and strands that are reflected by their name-sakes, but to say that Calvin would endorse the TULIP I think is a claim resting in “mid-air.” Anyway, I don’t want this to be a diatribe against Calvinism, per se; but simply an acknowledgment that today is a day to remember in history, Happy Birthday, Calvin!

Here are a few links from a couple of bloggers from Princeton who pay tribute to John Calvin today (and two from me):