It is interesting, if you think about it, theoblogging is primarily a “male-event.” Female “theobloggers” are few and far between; I mean I know of some, but at least the circles I travel in (and these circles are actually quite large, including the lurking that I do), the female voice appears to be on mute. I wonder why this is? I wonder if the “fundy” influence has impacted this reality? What I mean is, is the female voice a minority because of the “tradition” that is shaped by the belief that “doing theological teaching and thinking” is primarily reserved for men. But I really don’t think this is it. And I say this because I also visit blogs, regularly, that are not “fundy influenced;” in fact by most accounts, many of these blogs lean quite “Christian liberal.” Yet, even these blogs, and those who participate, are generally dominated by the male voice.

Are females just less prone to theological engagement? Let me know what you think. Why are “theoblogs” typically dominated by the “man” instead of the “woman?”