Is there anything wrong with this, morally? I mean I look at this guy, and my instant reaction is to feel sorry for him; that he lives in total bondage. I realize that in all actuality this kind of so called “body-art” has been done for centuries, and that in fact there are many “tribal” people who have engaged this kind of body manipulation for various reasons (usually pagan religious reasons). I realize there is no mandate in scripture against body-art or tatooing (unless you live under the “Mosaic Covenant”); but is there a line where such treatment of the body becomes mutilation?

I think my argument against this kind of behavior, for a Christian anyway, would be that we are called to live modest lives; not unnecessarily drawing attention to ourselves. But instead, our purpose is to point away from ourselves to Christ; yet this kind of behavior (for the Christian), done in the extreme (as this image reflects), in my mind’s-eye, represents a person crying out for attention.

What say you? Should Christians be involved in this kind of extreme body-art? Maybe you think this is what it might mean to become all things to all people for the sake of the Gospel.

P. S. Actually this guy is a tatoo-artist in Belgium involved in an legal case; which has its own set of interesting ethical concerns.