You know, I’ve really resisted this; but I have close family members who are being influenced by the nonsense communicated within the pages of ‘that’ infamous book. You know the one I am talking about; the one that ‘Evangelicals’ and ‘non-Evangelicals’ alike are eating up right now. The one that speaks of the trinity in terms that fit better with an historic ‘heresy’ related to God’s triune nature; the one whose author denies the ‘substitutionary atonement’ of Christ. It is a book that I really don’t want to read, just because it’s really not worth the paper it’s written on (and this coming from someone who has not even read this book yet ;-); and there are a million other books I would much rather read (so maybe I’ll start it, and end up just relying on its ‘critical’ reviews [which I have] instead).

Do you know what book I’m talking about yet? Of course, it is The Shack. Have any of you read it? Give me your feedback on it, let me know if I should waste my time at all (of course the only reason I am really going to read it is so I can steer people away from it in an more informed way).