Where should we go to church? An honest question. Believe it or not, doctrine is actually an important piece for determining this question; for both my wife and myself. You see the problem is, is that I have an affinity for ‘Reformed’ themes; but themes framed via Karl Barth and T. F. Torrance’s take on them. We are tired of the ‘typical’ Evangelical church (the ones that ask the question — in sermon prep. — how will this apply to the audience) approach — you know, the kind that is shaped by Pelagian questions. So this creates a dilemma; either we look into a more ‘Reformed’ style of church (i.e. Presbyterian, etc.), or we just stay on at our ‘Pelagian’ church (but this is actually becoming rather unhealthy for us — we’ve been doing this for years).

So you see, I am ‘Reformed’, but just not a 5-point Calvinist. I appreciate ‘Reformed’ themes and intentions, just not the classical framing. In light of this, are there any kinds of churchs (denominations), that you all know of, that might be a better fit for us (I’ve been in the ‘Church’ my whole life — I come from the ‘Baptisitic’ tradition)?