In line with my desire to not just talk at you, but with you, I am also now providing a ‘Glossary of Ethical Terms’ along with the ‘Glossary of Theological Terms’; both can be found in my sidebar under “Pages.” I hope that you all find this stuff edifying and helpful toward your own development as Christians growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Often times the words I am posting in my ‘Glossaries’ are seen as ‘words’ that only ‘egg-heads’ care to know; but I would obviously beg to differ. Words like those in my ‘Glossary’ are just used for ‘precision’s’ sake; just like the words you might use for your place of employment (e.g. you may use words and concepts that might seem completely foreign and inane to most, but without these words your place of employment and ‘trade’ would be completely chaotic and confused). Similarly, theology, ethics, biblical studies, etc. have precision language that needs to be understood within its proper context; thus the motivation for my posting of these ‘glossaries’. Also, I hope that, by way of exposure, these kinds of words will lose their ‘luster’ and tendency to intimidate, and be seen for what they are.

Anyway, after this I also plan on providing an ‘Glossary’ on ‘Biblical Studies’ Terms’; stay tuned.

Glossary of Ethical Terms