Jesus was all about being scandalous, in fact the Apostle Paul calls the cross skandalon or the ‘Stumbling Block’ (hey that sounds familiar); but from whose perspective?

In I Corinthians 1 (hey I know something about that đŸ˜‰ ) Paul says:

. . . but we preach Christ crucified, to Jews a skandalon [stumbling block] and to Gentiles foolishness, . . .

Of course it is not from the Christian’s perspective, here’s ours:

. . . but to those who are the called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.

Notice the symmetry between the Jew’s ‘stumbling block’ [the Christian’s ‘power of God’], and the Gentile’s foolishness [the Christian’s ‘wisdom of God’]. Either way, the point is that all of ‘unregenerate humanity’ views the cross of Christ as completely impotent to produce any kind of real transformation; any kind of answer to what the unbeliever believes is necessary for genuine power and wisdom to be realized. Thus the cross of Christ will always seem ‘scandalous’, it all has to do with ‘expectations’; and these expectations are formed either by God’s or man’s.

Indeed, increasingly the ‘Church of Christ’ is, just like the church at Corinth, coming to view (and in fact, by-and-large has) the ‘crucified life of God’ as both foolish and weak. For the church, the cross of Christ, should not be a ‘scandal’, it should not be ‘foolish’; this is the world’s approach to the cross. Of course the cross, for the believer, is a daily reality — we are always being given over to the death of Christ that His life might be made manifest through the mortal members of our body — we are constantly reminded by our own foibles and confusions how desperately we need Christ’s cross . . . and the fact that the cross is not the end. The wisdom of God, the wisdom and the life of God, is vindicated (in a linear sense of thinking) by what the cross initiated; and that is the ‘Great Reversal’ accomplished at the resurrection. This is why the cross is wise and powerful, because it meets us where we are, it takes us to where we ‘should’ end up; and then beckons us to a place that we should not ‘really’ be — situated within the very life of God. The wisdom of the cross is God’s wisdom because it is God’s power because it is God’s life!

So if you are a Christian, then you/we need to be about skandalizing the world with the cross of Christ — it’s good for them — and we should know, it was and is good for us in Christ!