The Bible should be allowed to determine how we think theologically, not vice versa. While there is certainly a ‘presumed’ theology, like the trinitarian shape of scripture’s communication, at play in the scriptures; this does not give ‘us’ carte blanche capacity to usurp scripture’s communication with our own theological presuppositions.

What I am getting at, is that if we ever come across theological frameworks and systems that by design relegate ‘scripture’ to just another witness to Christ, or marginalize scripture by denying its complete and utter ‘truthfulness and accuracy’, then we should in fact place such systems in the ‘recycle bin’ — do the ‘green thing’ — and recycle the paper (by way of the shredder) upon which said ‘systems’ are written. In other words, I am not into ‘systematic theology’ that sees scripture as a ‘handmaiden’ to ‘my particular system’ . . . at least this is my intention!