I work down at the docks, and unfortunately I have grown somewhat desensitized to the attendant vulgar language that a person would associate with working down at the docks—it is simply a fact of life down there. But I will never grow desensitized to the usage of foul language when it comes out of the same mouths of those who praise God.

You see, there is this guy (who I really don’t know but by acquaintance, we went to the same school at different times [bible college and seminary]), he is for all intents and purposes, a nice Christian guy who loves Jesus very much. This guy is probably one of the most brilliant young guys that I have ever been exposed to, when it comes to all things theological. He reads more books, apparently, than most anyone I have ever come into contact with; he has an wit that is quick, and a pen (or keyboard) that is prolific (and explicit). This guy never grows weary of pushing the theological envelope, he never seems to tire of pressing deeper and deeper into the theologic of the ‘Gospel’. But alas, this chap is young, he is very impressionable, he likes saying things that might shock most ‘Evangelical’ Christians with ‘Victorian sensibilities’; not because he wants to really shock ‘Evangelicals’ (that would be too much like the infamous Mark Driscoll), he could really care less about this fringe group of Christians, instead he says certain things simply because he can (he knows how to use certain words, that most Christians don’t, in their proper context).

You know, I have gone back and forth with this guy in the past, over various issues, including the issue that this post is highlighting; and I am really not looking to fight with anyone over ‘foul language’. If you, like this guy, believe that you have arrived at an level of Christian maturity (or maybe you even think it is a result of Christian immaturity—and you freely admit this—it’s the ‘real-life-fleshy’ part of being human, eh) and intellectual acuity; then by all means drop the “F”-bombs away (just make sure they’re in context, that is all important).

Oh, here is my vote for The worst-ever title for a blog post that I have come across in my long travels, thus far, through the blogosphere (this is ‘this guy’s’ blog who I have been referring to throughout my post here).

One more thing, take away the title, and the spatterings of vulgarity strewn throughout the post and the comments, and this post is really quite good and even edifying.