It is so easy to decentralize scripture, even when we are supposedly talking about its primary protagonist, Jesus. It is easy to build an whole infrastructure and scaffolding around scripture (like ‘our’ theologies, commentaries, etc.), and mistake the scaffolding for the actual building itself. Interestingly, scripture claims to be the ‘only inspired’ witness to Jesus Christ. That is why ‘Evangelical’ Christians, ever since the ‘Protestant Reformation’, have viewed scripture as their only authority in matters of both faith and practice. It is how we check the scaffolding that ‘we’ have built up around it, and more importantly how we come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The church is not our authority, scripture is. The church is only a ‘support’ of the truth found in scripture; so in other words scripture has inherent authority based upon its own self-attestation relative to its Apostolic witness to Jesus.

If you’re ever tempted to go beyond, or go behind scripture; resist that temptation, and as an ideal, recognize the inherent ‘authority’ that scripture alone has in our lives as Christians.