My recent expose′ on the Pyromaniacs was okay, it certainly made my stats jump; but on second thought I probably should not have done it! Sure most of it was in good fun — I still think there are similarities between them and the 3 Stooges 😉 — but all that post really did was ‘excite’ folks (for the most part) who are already excited about the ‘Pryos’. In fact it simply created a further polarization between those for MacArthur style theology, and those not. In other words, I kind of regret hitting ‘publish’ on that particular post; and if I have (which I have) offended any folks out there (including the Pyros) then I apologize and ask for forgiveness. Basically what I am saying is that I was wrong in my own attitude . . .  (in other words, I feel convicted by the Holy Spirit). I think it is totally okay to critique people’s beliefs — in fact we are admonished to do so — but I think I crossed the line by going after the Pyros character; and that is simply un-called for, and in the end not ‘Christian’. If one reads between the lines on that post there is some constructive criticism (I think), but what I am admitting in this post, is that I could’ve approached this with a much different frame.

P. S. This whole thing was prompted by a recent interaction I had at the Pyros: Here . Instead of responding too quickly, I should’ve just taken a breath and moved on; but that would’ve been too easy (I had to go and stir the pot some more 😦 ).