Welcome back to the new and improved “The Stumbling Block,” now known as “Pure Milk.” I will resume posting, shortly . . .

This blog has lived a good life, but it has kind’ve gone in a direction that was un-intended. When I originally started blogging (approx. 4 yrs ago) my intention was to distill ‘high-theology talk’ into terms that regular everyday thoughtful Christians could understand. It seems that I have lost sight of that intention, and instead have engaged in a style of blogging that seemingly only a few can appreciate (or want to); my style has become very very academic (which isn’t inherently evil, it’s just not the way I want to blog anymore), providing quotes, with little clarifying explanation — well that is now changing!

Since this blog is associated with a certain style I thought it best to completely change blog names, and even blog hosts which will help signal a change in my approach. I really appreciate all of you who have read here, and commented here; I’m not done blogging just changing my style a little, so if you want to continue the dialogue follow me over to my new and improved blog:

‘Pure Milk’

I am not going to delete this blog, but I will be closing comments . . . but as far as this blog being “active,” consider it “inactive” (this will no longer be my working blog — so if you want to read my “stuff” then head over to “Pure Milk”). I look forward to this new direction, and I hope I’ll see you all over at my new blog!

In Christ,



I have also started another blog (separate from my new one ‘Pure Milk’), and it is in the vein of the kind of content I have been posting here for so long. If you’re interested in that kind of stuff you can find that at:

‘Inner Clarity’

If un-interested in ‘that kind of stuff’, then by all means come over to my site Pure Milk.

See you somewhere 😉 !