Okay, let me try to articulate my view on the “mechanics” of salvation. Let me proceed by laying this out via bullent points, denoting the progression I see in the “logic” of salvation.

  • I believe that salvation primarily has to do with God’s life, in Himself.
  • I believe that the Fall of humanity provides the occasion for God’s super-abundant life to overflow in His love for us.
  • I believe that humanity, in its “fallenness,” will never look to God, or seek after God’s life in salvation; because man is enslaved to sin (enslaved to loving himself).
  • That is why God’s life is truly salvation, because His life is “super-abundant,” it is bigger than what enslaves humanity to itself.
  • Thus when God, by the Holy Spirit, discloses Himself to sinful man, man can finally look away from Himself (be set free); and have the “freedom” to choose the beauty of Christ, instead of stay entrapped to the slums of himself.
  • Once Christ reveals Himself, by the Holy Spirit, to man; man is able (through the immediate and illuminating work of the Spirit in Christ’s life, and thus ours — through Christ’s vicarious relationship with us) finally “respond” by faith and appropriate eternal life (cf. I Jn 4:19) (justification).
  • As a result of being united to Christ, by faith, man is finally able to enjoy His presence in her/his life; and begin the process of growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ (sanctification).
  • As “saved man” grows, his/her values become the values of God’s life (albeit there can be an ebb and flow here); in an increasing way (ideally thinking of course).
  • Finally what Christ started (in His cross-work), He will bring to consummation, where our union with Him becomes fully realized; so that finally what we are in part (now), becomes what we are fully in Christ (glorification).

Alright, there is a brief sketch on how I think about salvation. Any improvements needed? Any parts that you all agree with?