Sorry about the glare on my glasses, hopefully that’s not too distracting from my cogent points 😉 . This video is for all you Free Grace advocates out there, but anyone else can feel free to jump in as well! If you’re already tired of these video posts, sorry . . . my next one is going to be a written post on “Affective Theology.”


Unfortunately Youtube cut off the last two minutes of my video. Basically I just made the point that Free Grace’s ulterior motive, for giving John special “book” status, is that if their premise holds, then they don’t even have to deal with “repentance” and the appropriation of salvation; since the Gospel of John never speaks of “repentance” as an integral part of appropriating salvation.

Anyway, I was able to at least get my three main points out, and hopefully that will lay down a bit of a gauntlet for Free Gracers, on this point.