Here are the weaknesses of Christian Fundamentalism, as I see them of course:

  • A pietistic internalization of the “faith,” which results in a “Me and My Jesus approach”
  • Related to the first point, a withdrawal from culture (e.g. fortress mentality, creation of its own sub-culture, which mimics broader culture)
  • By origin, an apologetic faith, which ends up articulating Christian doctrine on the defense (e.g. allowing “secular” questions to shape the Christian answers [think of “Fundamentalist” systematic theology which starts with “proving” God’s existence, before it ever talks about God’s triune nature]
  • Failure to take Church History and the Tradition of the church seriously (i.e. Church History started at the turn of the 20th century, or even when I got “saved”)
  • An inherent “anti-intellectualism” (related to the second point above), which ironically flows from the “rationalism” (liberalism) they are trying to avert (related to the third point above)
  • **Bonus point** An bent toward sectarianism over-against “non-Fundamentalist” Christian traditions (and even sometimes against other “Fundamentalists” who aren’t Fundamentalist “enough”)

Agree or disagree? Can you think of any other weaknesses found within “Fundamentalism?”