I wonder if any dispensationalists have ever pondered how similar (not one-for-one), in many ways, the whole first six dispensations (and sweep of salvation history) are; when correlated with the last dispensation (the millennial). Think about it:

The Salvation-Historical Age

  • First we have God walking in the Garden with Adam and Eve
  • Then we have the Fall, which banishes ‘man’ from the Garden, and into cursed living
  • Next we have Yahweh establishing His covenant people, and re-establishing theocracy governed by the Law, etc.
  • Then we have exile once again, but with promise of restored Davidic theocracy in the Land, with a Temple


The Millennial Age

  • The LORD and His people (the “glorified church”) walk with His creation (the third of humanity who made it through the tribulation) in the Garden (the “regenerated earth” see Is. 35, etc.)
  • The LORD and His people establish the Davidic theocracy in the Land, with a Temple, under the Law (fulfilling Ez. 36–48  )
  • At the “end” of this age we have a “second Fall” (of sorts) — led by Satan, as he is released from the abyss one more timeby people (who have repopulated the earth in “un-resurrected bodies”) who have spent the last millenia under the direct rule of the LORD — which finally results in the banishment and cursing of these folks, along with the rest of those (who had died throughout history), kept in Hades, into the abyss of “Hell,” the “Lake of Fire”

So certainly not a direct corollary between the two, but some very striking similarities . . . and I am sure I could have taken more time to make this more precise; but you get the general idea. It is like the millennium, in many respects, is a “do-over” (recapitulation) one more time of the whole sweep of salvation history; which has led to the millennium. In the pre-mil millennial scheme we have the “Law” re-instituted, we have the Levitical system re-instituted, and we even have Jesus making sacrifices for Himself. Does this cause the dispensationalist any pause, at all . . . does any of these seem strange?