It has been ocurring to me, with all my talk about T. F. Torrance, lately, that it is good to keep in mind the possibility of an unhealthy devotion to one man (e.g. bible teacher, theologian, etc.). This certainly is a natural phenomenon, when we gain a certain level of trust with a particular person we can tend to hang on every one of their words; and maybe not be as critical as we ought (think — Bereans). Surely it is a good thing when we find a good bible teacher, but ultimately we need to keep the perspective provided by Jesus in Mt 23 — that we have ‘One teacher’. We need to be vigilant in our learning.

Okay, I have shared one person/theologian that I really like, and even could favor; now it is your turn, who do you look to for sound words of ‘witness’ to Christ (could be your pastor, et al)?