Glen Scrivener had a great idea, so I am going to follow. What do you all plan on writing about, on your blogs, in 2009? I plan on blogging about:

  • Christology/Trinitarian issues
  • The ‘Church’ (Ecclesiology)
  • The ‘Millennium’ (Eschatology)
  • ‘Biblical Interpretation’ (Hermeneutics)
  • ‘Salvation’ (Soteriology—Calvinism, Scottish Theology, Affective Theology)
  • ‘World Religions’ (Comparative study & Apologetics [primarily dealing with Islam])
  • Tradition and the Bible

So, in many ways for me, more of the same . . . although I do want to talk about ‘World Religions’ and ‘Missions’ more than I have in the past. Anyway, let me know what you plan on blogging about for the New Year.