For many fundamentalists and evangelicals today, the premillenial second coming, the divinity of Jesus, the virgin birth, the resurrection, the substitutionary atonement, justification through faith, and the infallibility of the Bible come as a self-contained doctrinal package, allowing no additions or subtractions. (Stanley Grenz quoting Timothy Weber, “The Millenial Maze,” 63)

Does this describe you? I would say 6 of the 7 distinctives would apply to me, but one of these (in particular), while some consider it a standard of orthodoxy; on the funnel of theological “essentiality” does not make it for me. Let me know, do you see these things as a ‘self-contained doctrinal package’? And maybe you don’t, but let me know if the list, by Weber, reflects your church’s doctrinal statement.