Living a cross shaped life is the greatest privilege anyone of us can have. Paul said “he had been crucified to the world, and the world to him” . . . that . . .” we have been crucified with Christ . . . ” that “. . . our lives are not our own, but they have been brought with a price . . .” that “. . . those who are Christ’s have crucified the lusts of the flesh . . .” that “the message of the cross is the wisdom of God . . .” that “he had determined to know nothing among you, except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified . . .” and infinitum. What is it about the cross that Paul thought was so important to Christian living? What is it about being crucified that is so essential for a proper Christian understanding, according to Paul? Why is this cross so central to framing a right understanding about Jesus—and thus God? What does the cross presuppose? Is it something about us, or is it something more about God’s life—or both? Why did Paul call the message of the cross (death) God’s wisdom? What does the cross say about my stance before God? What does the cross say about my ability to deal with my sin? Does the cross, at a primary level, deal with sin; or is there something more pressing going on at the cross? Is the cross, primarily, a legal matter? Is the cross the primary reason for the incarnation? Is the cross strictly an historical event, or is it something that will be front and center, into perpituity, at the right hand of the Father? Is the cross some strange reality that confuses the Angels, relative to the God they know? Where does the cross lead? Did the cross shape God, or did God shape the cross? Why the cross, why not the rack (okay, sorry that’s a little scholastic)? What does the cross do to Christian ethics? What does the cross disclose about God’s holiness? How does the cross shape an understanding of the trinity? Does the Father suffer at the cross, or just Jesus? How does the cross reveal the Father’s love for the Son? Is the cross about me, or about Jesus—or both?

Just some questions, off the top, about the cross. Do you have any answers to any of these questions? Or maybe you have some questions about the cross that you want to pose, for me, or anyone else who might be reading. This was all very impromptu, obviously, but I was in a brain-storming, questioning mood.