Go here Faith and Theology, to see what happens if you say anything “against” the sin of homosexuality; amongst mostly “liberal” (not all) Christians. Apparently I received a “beating;” I don’t really think so, although there did seem to be a “cascading” effect happening. Since I might have problems reading a “theology” by a homosexual (for edification), I must be a “moralizing” bigot who raises this sin to “another” level, relative to other sins (like heterosexual kinds). Any appeal to scripture, amongst these folks didn’t seem to have any warrant (i.e. thus the “liberal” label); instead I think it only reinforced their perception of me as an Bible Thumpin’ Bigot—who threw his “brains” out the window, along with William Jennings Bryan. I’m curious, would it bother you if one of your teachers was living in intentional, unrepentant sin? Would this disqualify, him or her from being a “Christian” teacher, until this “sin” was dealt with?