The following is from a really good theologian, T. F. Torrance. I think it is understandable, even for those who have not learned a bunch of theological words; if not let me know, and we can try and work through it together. The reason I want to share this, is because I think it really emphasizes the trustworthiness of God in ways that often are not emphasized. Torrance ties the knot between the Father and Son in salvation in ways that should be reassuring to weary souls who struggle through dark nights of the soul, in regards to personal salvation. He highlights, in concrete fashion, just who it is whom salvation revolves around; and he reinforces the fact that God’s life is more than able to envelop us into His life through His reconciling work in Christ—even if we “doubt” that ourselves at points. Torrance underscores even further the kind of life that we have been brought into, through faith in Him, and it is the kind of life that is superabundant enough to allow for our boughts of unbelief; and at the same time fill us up with His belief, as long as it takes. The guarantee of all this, by implication, as Torrance comments, is bound up in the heart of God as revealed in Jesus . . . you see, who we see in Jesus, is exactly who the Father is; there is no surprises here, there is no “different God behind the back of Jesus!” One more thing about this word from Torrance, he uses the word “recreate” which I thought was apropos, given the title and purpose of this blog 🙂 ! I hope you find this word as encouraging as I have, enjoy it.

. . . God has wholly and unconditionally committed himself to us in the incarnation of his Son in Jesus Christ, so that all that he eternally is and will be as God Almighty is pledged in Jesus Christ for us and our salvation. Jesus Christ and God are so utterly one in Being and Action that God does not, cannot, go back on Jesus Christ and his Cross, for that is who God is, he who came in Jesus Christ, and that is what God does, what Jesus Christ does. Complementing the incarnation, therefore, in which God condescended to be one with us in our hurt and creaturely disintegration in order to redeem us from all evil and to recreate us from within the ontological depths of our existence, and complementing the passion and resurrection of Jesus in which he accomplished this saving mission, is the ascension of Jesus (this Jesus who as bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh is of one and the same being with us) to the right hand of God the Father, that is, to be the one and only mighty arm of divine power and grace over all creation and all ages. Thus although the Father is the Father and not the Son, and the Son is the Son and not the Father, there is nevertheless such an indivisible and eternal oneness of Being between them, that there is perfect identity and fidelity between all that God has manifested of himself in Jesus Christ and what he is inherently in himself and ever will be. . . . [emboldening mine] (T. F. Torrance, “The Incarnation,” xviii)

Hopefully this serves as a blessing to you all. There was one big word in the body of the quote, “ontological,” and this just means, ‘nature’, ‘being’, or carries with it the idea of our very ‘essence as humans’. If you didn’t catch a really big point in here, it is Torrance’s discussion of the incarnation, and what that means for us, in Him. What that implies is that salvation is necessarily tied to Him, and vouchsafed by His very being; so that the only way that His salvation could fail, is if He could fail, and we know that that is impossible! Once we received Him, by simple faith, we truly were ‘born again of an imperishable’ seed; that is because we were ‘born’ into the very life of God. We might think that we can go back on that belief in Him, but the thing is, once we came into Him, we were sealed! Not because we are perfect, or “our Word” is sure, no, no, no; but because He is perfect, and He is indeed “the more sure WORD of prophecy,” who is an INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE . . . so take heart, and rest in His life!