I have started another blog, for personal reasons, but I thought I would share the link, for anyone interested. This is still my primary blog, so don’t go anywhere! The purpose of this other blog is to hopefully serve as an encouragement for a few close family members (specifically one) who are struggling with issues surrounding salvation. I am currently separated from them, by space (about a 1000 miles), thus the need for something like this (of course phone calls work, but sometimes aren’t as “objective” or “coherent” as the written form). Basically this blog is going to be focused on issues surrounding assurance of salvation, which will ultimately take us to discussing the life of God. Since this blog will be uniquely dedicated to encouraging a family member (or two), it will not be a place for polemics, nor necessarily a place for “academic” discussion (i.e. the audience). Given the nature of this new blog, I will have “comment moderation” engaged, and will only allow comments or questions that I think will help foster good “critical” fruitful discussion; that in the end will help serve the goal of encouragement. In other words, it will be open for comment, but it will be completely at my discretion if I think it will serve to edify. There will be no debating on this blog (like I said no polemics), that is all reserved for this blog. If I post something over there, and you want to disagree with me, then email me. Remember this new blog has a few people in mind, the reason I wanted to point you to it, is because maybe these few people I am thinking of might include concerns or struggles you deal with in this regard. You can find this new blog at:

Recreated In Christ