Well it is finally done! America has elected her first socialist, in principle, president. I think the thing that surprised me the most about this election was how many “Evangelical” Christians voted for Obama; at least many who I know from my school days at Multnomah. What is it about Obama? Is it his charisma as a speaker? His presence as a person? His ideas? If it is his ideas, which ideas, and why? Is it his view on abortion that has resonated with Evangelicals? Maybe his fiscal policy and his “redistribution of wealth?” Or maybe it his view on labor and “unionization?” Maybe, and I’m sure this is a big one, it is his view on the Iraq war, right? Maybe it’s his position on universal healthcare? Maybe it’s none of these. Maybe it’s because he is friends with a domestic terrorist? Or maybe it’s his friendship with a former Palestinian terrorist? Maybe it’s his relationship with ACORN (that noble group)? Or maybe his affiliation with the “New Party” (an intentional Marxist/Socialist group)? Or maybe it’s his stewardship of environmental issues (like his proposal to bankrupt the coal industry)? Maybe it’s the “Fairness Doctrine?” Maybe you just wanted some good old fashioned change?

I don’t really know. Which one of the issues above is the clincher for my “Evangelical” friends from my school days? Or maybe I don’t know you from my school days, but you’re still an Evangelical who voted for Obama. If you fit into either group, can you identify what it was that actually propelled you to vote for Obama?