I was doing a little research on the inter-relationship between the policies forwarded by the organization known as ACORN, and the policies forwarded by Barack Obama and Joe Biden; and what I found was quite amazing, but not surprising. First watch this video by Obama (the video is only 4 minutes long), on his Blueprint for Change:

Now click on this link: ACORN

Do you see the striking resemblance between Obama’s “Blueprint for Change,” and ACORN’s core campaign initiatives? For further articulation on Obama’s points see his website here, here, and here. It seems clear to me that Obama/Biden and ACORN are in perfect concert, one with another. In fact there is such univocal correspondence between Obama’s “Blueprint” and ACORN’s that it must have been very easy for Obama to come to his plan as he did; as easy as ‘copy’, ‘cut’, and ‘paste’.

Jame’s Sire in describing Karl Marx’s framework for society building makes some very pertinent points, relative to the relationship of Capitalism, and Marxism:

. . . Capitalism requires a large body of propertyless workers, the proletariat, to exploit. As Marx saw it, the economic dynamics of capitalism will necessarily lead to a society in which the proletariat are more and more numerous, and more and more exploited. Capitalist societies become more and more productive, but wealth becomes more and more narrowly distributed. Eventually the concentration of wealth leads to a society in which more is produced than can be purchased; overproduction leads to unemployment and more suffering. At last the proletariat will be forced to revolt.

For Marx the revolt of the proletariat will be different from any previous revolution. In the past, one social class overthrew a rival oppressing class and became in its turn the oppressor. The proletariat will, however, be the majority, not a minority. They have no vested interest in the old order of things, so it will be in their own best interests to abolish the whole system of class oppression. The material abundance created by modern technology makes this a real possibility for the first time in human history, since without such abundance, struggle, competition and oppression would inevitably break out in new forms.

The new classless society which will emerge will make possible what Marxists call the “new socialist individual.” People will supposedly be less individualistic and competitive, more apt to find fulfillment in working for the good of others. The “alienation” of all previous societies will be overcome, and a new higher form of human life will emerge. This vision in many ways parallels the Christian vision of the coming of the kingdom of God, and it is therefore easy to see why some have characterized Marxism as a Christian heresy. (James W. Sire, “The Universe Next Door,” 68-9)

In this scheme of things, in our current societal situation in America, who is the “proletariat?” For Obama/Biden and ACORN it is the middle to low class income demographic. For Obama/Biden there is a “New America” coming, for the Marxist this would be his “New Socialist Individual.” In the “New America” the rich (for Obama/Biden defined as incomed at $250,000 or more a year) will now pay for an infrastructure that supposedly transcends the “classes” (i.e. Obama’s 2004 inaugural speech, “. . . we are not red America, or blue America, we are the ‘United States of America'” [my paraphrase]). So that the classless society (initially made up of the middle-class and low-class) becomes a beacon of hope that finally moves beyond Capitalistic greed and strife, by embodying the social justice and shalom that Capitalism has always suppressed (of course since there will no longer be incentive to be “rich,” and work accordingly, such socities typically crumble, with no wealth to support such infrastructure). We, at this point, are then able to enter a kind of Liberationist Utopian heaven where Humanities’ indomitable spirit reigns triumphant in self-justifying adulation as the ruler of its own self-created domain.

Certainly a classless society would be heaven, but you can’t have heaven without Jesus Christ at its center! That’s the interesting thing, the kingdom of darkness, in her privation and negation, will always try to survive her own demise by ‘parasitism’. In other words, world governments (as determined by their ‘Fallen’ nature) will try to live off of the surplus of the imago dei; so that what we see, say for example in Marxism, is the exemplification of man being as God (see Gen. 3), or his attempt to be such (i.e. humanity and nature, separate from God have “manifest destiny” determined not by God, but by their own ‘god’ shaped determinations).

In my view, Obama sees himself as the ‘Messiah’ of sorts, thus his confidence in his rather Marxist “blueprint” for the “New America.” He seems to believe that he can construct a utopian like paradise wherein social justice and equality for all is realizable—as long as we keep “His” blueprint at the center.

Is any ‘human’ societal framework ever going to be “perfect,” Capitalism or Marxism? No! But for my two cents, any framework that intentionally seeks to assert humanities’ god-hood should be avoided. Ultimately neither Capitalism nor Marxism is the greatest of options; but I do believe that the former (based on ‘Free-Trade’ principles, etc.) has more going for it, than outright socialist/Marxist policy will afford any given nation. Having said that, I can think of a whole slough of narcissitic, epicurean problems that Capitalism has inherent to it . . . oh LORD, come quickly 😉 !