491 years ago, today, Martin Luther stood up for the truth of the Gospel by nailing his 95 theses at the Wittenberg Church door. This indeed ignited the popular grass-roots movement that would become what we call today, “The Protestant Reformation.” But prior to the “indulgence” issue, Luther posted a Disputation Against the Scholastics which was the real impetus for Luther’s protest, or at least the underlying theological problem that catapulted Luther to the trajectory that he took. To read more on this see this article by Ron Frost: Aristotle’s Ethics: The Real Reason For Luther’s Reformation?

Some folks like Richard Muller protest to Frost’s points, you can see that here. I don’t think Muller deals with Frost’s nuanced points whatsoever, and thus does not specifically undercut Frost’s thesis, and of course neither does Frost in a rejoinder to Muller here.

Beyond the debate, I as a Protestant thank the Lord for using Luther, and others to open the doors for all people to have access to the Scriptures in the vernacular. Have a Happy Reformation Day!