There is nothing like putting your head in the sand, and hoping reality will some how just pass by. But how many of us are doing just this? When we look out at the economic disaster confronting the U.S., as well as the world, it seems to me that most of us just cannot accept the fact that we are in dire dire straights. We listen to main-stream media out-lets, and we hear the gloss that their ‘paid’ economists put on the situation; and we just think we are in the midst of another downward cycle—but it will cycle up again (we tell ourselves—or these paid economists tell us). The government tells us it is going to be okay, not to worry ‘they have it all under control’; in fact all they have to do is print more money, and then throw it at the problem, and it will all go away. They want us to think that we can go on our merry way, living the same gluttonous consumerist lives that we always have. That our standard of living does not have to change, that we can keep spending our little fuzzy hearts to death, using our credit cards, of course. Of course they tell us this, because this is exactly their own fiscal model; we borrow, borrow, borrow. We borrow to buy cars, to go to school, to buy big houses, to eat the best foods, to drink the best wines, to wear the coolest clothes, etc., etc.; the problem is, is that we have been borrowing, for years, from other countries (so our gvt.), and now those countries are starting to realize that we aren’t good for it. Furthermore our country is built, almost solely, on credit; and many of our ‘lending’ countries are not. Once the jello hits the wall, which we are just now starting to see, our whole economy will be shown for what it is—a house of cards. And while the world’s countries are not necessarily built on credit, we are all integrally inter-related; so that when we falter, they falter, and vice versa. For more clarity on this listen to Peter Schiff, an economist, at this link: Glenn Beck

Does not the problem above remind you of another problem, the problem of sin? You see people love themselves, in fact they love the darkness, according to Jesus (Jn 3), which does not allow them to look at reality in the face—the face of Jesus. Instead sinful people, create individual infrastructure to cope with their malice, so they really do not have to deal with reality. A perfect image of this, for me, comes from The Lord of the Rings’ ‘Gallum’; an ugly little emaciated creature who is so enamored with ‘His precious’, the ring that he could care less about anything else—including himself. But this is ironic, in fact the real problem with Gallum is not “His Precious” (ring), but it is himself; he is expressing the inward bent of his heart, and that is to please himself, at all costs. Isn’t this what sinful people do? We worship ourselves, at all costs, no matter what is going on around us; no matter what precipise we are about to go over—whether that be into the cavernous wasteland of hell, or temporally into an economic crisis the likes of which no one can imagine.

We have two choices, we can try and perfect nature, and repair ourselves (so our current situation in the world); or we can recognize that our situation is beyond repair, spiritually, and we accept the fact that the only answer is truly drastic; even apocalyptic. We all know the only answer for man’s dreadful rock-like desparately sick heart is for Jesus to break through and kill, kill, kill, that ugly Gallum like nature and give us His heart! We, as Christians, need to quit constructing models that try to fix and repair nature (many psychological integrationist models, philosophical models, ethical models, anthropological models, etc.); and instead build models of spirituality and holiness on the foundation which Christ alone has laid—the one that has put us to death at the cross!

Lets not mimick the world system, and continue to build churches and community on structurally broken ideas; instead lets be theologians of the cross who recognize the all sufficiency of Jesus Christ and His WAY! When I look at our situation in the world today, I can only say . . . Jesus come quickly!!