Well I’ve been off for almost two months, and my arms are still healing; in fact they actually are healing, thanks to a comment that Sharon Butler made at my site. If any of you struggle with tendonitis or carpal tunnel you should take a look at her book Conquering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: And Other Repetitive Strain Injuries.

While I am going to start posting again, I am going to place some new guidelines on the frequency of my posting, as well as the way I am going to engage commenting:

1.) I will be posting once a week (on Saturdays)

2.) And most of my responses to comments will be on the weekends

In other words I am going to be a Weekend Blogger. Sorry about the restraints, but I still need to take my blogging slowly; hopefully not re-injuring my already weak arms.

I really do, and have missed the interaction and thinking that blogging motivated me to do, that’s why I am starting up again. I look forward to posting on my typical topics of the past, but with a twist; my goal now (since my frequency will be down) will be to produce posts that are more substantive (i.e. paper like–short of course) with more research behind them (instead of off the top). Anyway I look forward to this, and hopefully my arms will be able to sustain this endeavor.

I am just finishing off a book by T. F. Torrance entitled: Scottish Theology, be expecting my first comeback post to be something gleaned from this excellent work. As a result of this book (and the rest of my reading of Thomas Torrance), I think soteriologically, I am comfortable saying that I am Reformed, that is in the Scottish tradition (i.e. Scots Confession) versus the Westminster Tradition.