The Christian doctrine of God is to be understood from within the unique, definitive and final self-revelation of God in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, that is, from within the self-revelation of God as God become man for us and our salvation, in accordance with its proclamation in the Gospel and it actualisation through the Holy Spirit in the apostolic foundation of the Church. It is in the Lord Jesus, the very Word and Mind of God incarnate in our humanity, that the eternal God ‘defines’ and identifies himself for us as he really is. Only in Christ is God’s self-revelation identical with himself, and only in Christ, God for us, does he communicate his self-revelation identical with Himself, and only in Christ, God for us, does he communicate his self-revelation to us in such a way that authentic knowledge of God is embodied in our humanity, and thus in such a way that it may be communicated to us and understood by us. Jesus Christ is at once the complete revelation of God to man, and the perfect correspondence on man’s part to that revelation required by it for the fulfilment [sic] of its own revealing movement. As the faithful answer to God’s self-revelation Jesus Christ yields from out of our human existence and life the fulfilled reception and faithful embodiment which belongs to the content of God’s self-revelation is identical with himself that we may rightly apprehend it and really know God as he is in himself, in the oneness and differentiation of God within his own eternal Being as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for what God is toward us in his historical self-manifestation to us in the Gospel as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he is revealed to be inherently and eternally in himself. It is thus in and through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that the distinctively Christian doctrine of God in his transcendent triunity is mediated to us. (T. F. Torrance, “The Christian Doctrine of God: One Being Three Persons,” 1)

So without Jesus, and Knowledge of Him as Redeemer there would be no knowledge of God as trinity. According to Torrance, the economic trinity is univocal with the so called immanent or ontological trinity. In other words there isn’t another God ‘behind the back of Jesus.’ Who we see in Him, we will see in eternity . . . there won’t be any surprises. The Lord you worship in Jesus now, is the same Lord you will worship later. So His disclosure and the subsequent trinitarian shape of God revealed by Jesus (cf. Jn 1:18) is who God is in His very form and being.

Furthermore, because Jesus assumed humanity, our humanity, we have been brought into the union of divine life. This means that there truly is an epistemological possibility for knowledge of God, for man. And that possibility is rooted within the reality of Christ’s humanity enfleshed in history. Without this bridge all we would be left with is a god who is out there against us, and not for us. The incarnation and trinitarian shape of God, is indeed distinctly the Christian God, the only God who can sympathize with our weakness, and yet remain without sin.