One thing that seems to be neglected in the theo-sphere I travel in is discussion on the Holy Spirit, and I readily recognize that I am part of that negligence—which I am hopefully going to rectify in a series of posts . I am really not sure what way I am going to go on this, there are so many interesting things to talk about in this regard, exciting things! For example we could talk about:

  • The Personality of the Holy Spirit
  • His form within the trinitarian make-up
  • His role within the Inspiration of the Scriptures
  • His supposed Pentecostal ekstatic eccentricities
  • His relationship to the New Covenant
  • His role in the resurrection of Jesus
  • His giftings
  • His witness bearing in regards to personal/corporate salvation
  • His personification of Grace (a la Augustine’s donum)
  • His work of fiat Creation
  • His relationship to the New Man (i.e. Christology)
  • His parakleting (comforting)
  • His witness bearing to Christ
  • His continuity/discontinuity between the Old and New Covenants
  • How He “subjectifies” the “objective” work of Redemption
  • How Charismatics and Pentecostals have appropriated Him
  • His role in “establishing” the Church
  • His role in the canonization of the Scriptures
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Phew. Can you think of any other interesting points to discuss on the person and work of the Holy Spirit? I plan on talking about some of the points mentioned, but most likely not all.

I actually attended a so called semi-Charismatic Bible College for a year, Calvary Chapel Bible College, and church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (the inner sanctum 😉 ), for about three years. I witnessed many interesting things during that time, but I was never persuaded by the doctrine that shaped many of the “emotional” experiences that were emphasized within that movement (instead I went to Multnomah and was denuded of any semblance of such “outbursts”–I became academized 😉 ). My point in bringing this up is that there are denominations out there (even though Calvary Chapel denies being a denomination) that have taken shape within a framework that has been determined by an emphasis upon the Holy Spirit’s person and work (this phenomenon is tradition wide, from pentecostal fundies to pentecostal Roman Catholics). This is probably something I will be delving into a bit further, as well.

Anyway, let me know what you all think. Is there anything else on the “Spirit” that you would be interested in discussing?

**Caveat: Calvary Chapels, in general, are moderate (thus the label “semi”-Charismatic) in regards to their allowance of the “gifts” (tongues, prophecies, etc.) within their fellowships (or main “worship services”). They designate “after-glows” where the gifts are allowed to free-flow, this is what I was exposed to, frequently, while at their Bible College.**