Okay, so my hiatus was short lived 😉 . . . anyway, this is more of a house-keeping post. I have had The Pyromaniacs on my blog-roll ever since I have been blogging. It is a consortium of bloggers starting with Phil Johnson, “Bull-dog,” for John MacArthur’s ministry (he is the executive of “Grace to You” ministries & editor of many of MacArthur’s books), and then there are a few “underlings” who have “benefited” in the “sphere” from Johnson’s “fame.” I never had them on my blog-roll because I supported their approach or views, in general, rather it was just to keep up on “popular MacArthurite style Calvinism;” since it has made such in-roads throughout much of the American Evangelical church. Every now and then I have made comments there, and had a few exchanges with “Phil” himself; and without question, these exchanges are typically shaped by cute little smart alek anecdotal quips, on the Pyromaniacs side. Most recently, underling Dan Phillips, stayed true to form, in light of what I thought was a thoughtful, at least time consuming, comment on my part (on the issue of Antinomianism).

Anyway, as you can tell, I am still frustrated, thus I am re-moving the Pyromaniacs from my blog-roll. Unless you want to join the choir, since that is who the Pyromaniacs typically sing to, and want to engage in any kind of thoughtful dialogue on substantive theological issues; then the Pyromaniacs aren’t for you. I will still visit, the Pyromaniacs, just to stay up on where much of the American Evangelical church is getting her theology. I just won’t be advertising for them in my blog-roll anymore.