. . . I have been trying to find an appropriate blog header which best captures the period of the Christian calendar which we are currently experiencing. I think the one I have found does this. What a special time of the year to intensify our gaze upon The One who became poor that we might become rich. The depth of the gospel indeed is found at the cross, we don’t have to stretch to reach it . . . praise Him, He has stretched to reach us–to meet us where we are–ah the Wisdom of God! The glory of God, is most exemplified at the cross. Why? Because this is the greatest disclosure of God’s nature to us that can possibly be provided. This shows us, more, this brings us to new heights . . . the insight of Christ’s cross shows us that the life of God is defined by pouring out. Humility is the theme of heaven, because it is the theme of our God. If the cross of Christ does not reveal this . . . then it does not reveal anything! Lent should be the period of time where we reflect, most intensely upon this reality of Christ, i.e. pouring out, since this reality defines who we are in Christ!