That’s right I am going to start a second blog . . . a blog that is dedicated to dealing with introductory theological issues. The sole purpose of this other blog is to provide resources and dialogue that will equip and edify baby or new Christians. My motivation for this is actually a group of guys at work. One guy just accepted Christ, one guy has been seriously walking with the Lord for about a year and a half, and one guy has known the Lord for quite awhile, but wants to be exposed to more “theology” and doctrine. I have printed out some papers for them, and I thought about pointing them to my blog, here, but this one is to “academic” for that—thus my motivation for this new “second blog.”

Of course I will be keeping this blog going, this will continue to be oriented toward “academic” theological issues. Whether I see you here or over at the other site Recreated In Christ I look forward to further interaction and fellowship.