How much do you think about heaven? More importantly, when you think of heaven what do you think of it? Is heaven a place, a person, or both?  When I think about heaven I think primarily about Jesus … I think the emphasis of heaven, and the shape it takes is defined by the person of Jesus Christ. I think about the throne room, and how the pattern given to Moses relative to the construction of the tabernacle, and the holy of holies, correlates to the throne room in heaven. I think about the four living creatures, and the 24 elders, who stand before the Lord constantly praising and glorifying Him.  I think about the activity and the discussion that must be taking place amongst the inhabitants of heaven;  I think about the Mount of Transfiguration, and how Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah about the things of the kingdom — I imagine that our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in heaven now, are similarly discussing the things of the kingdom. I imagine what the expression of God’s glory must look like, it must be overwhelming, at least Paul thought so in second Corinthians 12. I think about the sea of glass before the throne of the  Father, and the rainbow that surrounds his throne.  I wonder about those who dwell in heaven, those who have fallen asleep in Christ, I wonder how they interact with each other since they are disembodied spirits.

There are so many things that the word heaven conjurers in my mind when I hear it, and I’m sure the same is true for you. Like I said to open up my rant on Heaven above, the primary thing that gets me excited about Heaven is that Jesus is there. We along with all of those who love Jesus will get to talk to Jesus face-to-face, we will get to touch Jesus, we will get to see the wounds in his hands for all eternity; the wounds by which we have been healed. I love Jesus, to me Heaven is Jesus — it is his space, and He has graciously brought us into his space; for some this has been realized, for those of us still here we long for the day that that will be our realization as well! Come Lord Jesus!

What do you think about Heaven?